Sheba UK Fine Flakes in Jelly with Salmon Pate (85gm)


Sheba UK Fine Flakes in Jelly with Salmon Pate (85gm)

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Scrumptious flake pieces carefully prepared in a divine melting, smooth jelly. High quality adult cat food providing complete nutrition, made from selective ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives. Choose SHEBA® Fine Flakes cat food in jelly to inspire a nuzzle of affection. Suitable for all cats over 12 months – adult and senior.

Original price was: ৳ 190.00.Current price is: ৳ 170.00.

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    Meat and Animal Derivatives (40%, Natural* 94%), Fish and Fish Derivatives (Natural* 100%, including Salmon 4%), Minerals, Various Sugars, *Natural ingredients

    Analytical constituents (%): Protein: 8.5, Fat content: 5.0, Inorganic matter: 1.8, Crude fibre: 0.30, Moisture: 84.0, Additives per kg:, Nutritional additives:, Taurine: 749 mg, Copper (Copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate): 1.3 mg, Iodine (Calcium iodate, anhydrous): 0.34 mg, Iron (Iron(II) sulphate monohydrate): 16.8 mg, Manganese (Manganous sulphate, monohyrdrate): 3.4 mg, Zinc (Zinc sulphate, monohydrate): 16.2 mg, Technological additives:, Cassia gum: 2080 mg

    24h Daily Feeding Recommendation:

    Cat Size Tray + Dry Food
    3kg 1½ + 15g
    4kg 2 + 20g
    5kg 2½ + 20g

    Complete Wet Pet Food for Adult Cats.

    We recommend to feed a mix of complete wet SHEBA® and a dry food.

    Fresh water should always be available. Serve food at room temperature, surplus food can be chilled for up to 2 days.

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