Meow Meow Kitten Tuna Topping Salmon Pouch (85g)


Meow Meow Kitten Tuna Topping Salmon Pouch (85g)

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Meow Meow Cat Food Tuna Topping Salmon made from well-selected Tuna, Salmon and high quality ingredients that is a nutritionally complete and balanced cat food. It is also enriched with vitamins and minerals for your lovely feline health.

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Feeding Instruction:

For over 6 months old, it is recommended to mix with other nutritional food to meet cats dietary needs. Keep supplying water for cats regularly.

Daily feeding amount can be adjusted according to your cats size, weight, age and activity level. Serve fresh from pouch at room temperature.


Store in cool and dry place After opening, refrigerate unused for 2 days maximum.

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